hi there im cheerful whale coming to you today to show you about the brand new and upcoming island LUNAR COLONY! but weve still got a little wait to do so ill get on with it… as you may know july 18th is a very wonderful day to you non members in poptropica because poptropica’s very own wimpy boardwalk is coming to all non members!! anyways guys i hope you have a great day! thanks – cheerfulwhale


New Author much?


Hi there, i would like to introduce myself! I’m Cheerful Whale, I’ll be updating news walkthroughs both written, and video and do whatever it takes to make this blog the best.

Update : Yay. Thanks for accepting my invitation for about 2 weeks now. Lol. Well , Welcome.

You have to wait two days.


Well guys, I guess you are excited right? Well you are going to be more excited since that Poptropolis games will be available to you guys in two days as seen on the post that the creators made below ;

The games begin in two days!

You’ve been waiting patiently, and the wait is almost over. Poptropolis Games will be available to all this Thursday. Get ready to choose your tribe and compete for glory! Remember, only Poptropica Members can get the Poptropolis Games gear pack, not to mention the bonus quest that takes place once the main competition is over. Member, non-Member — in the Poptropolis Games, we like to think everyone’s a winner!


One more day to go!

Are you ready?

Just one more day until Poptropolis Games is open to everyone! You’ll compete across nine grueling events to prove the supremacy of your tribe. But it won’t be easy. Seven other competitors are going for the gold, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it!
Update Two
It’s Finally here for you guys!

Poptropolis Games is now available to all!

Poptropolis Games is now available for everyone to play. Visit Poptropica now to play Poptropolis Games. We’ll see you on the medals stand!

I hope it shows up (The Video!)

A Tribe That Maybe you won’t like.


I guess it’s time to tell you which tribe i am in on Poptropolis Games Island. I’m In Yellow Jackets.


I was really happy because maybe it had a jacket and besides yellow is my favorite color but guess what? There’s no jacket! And the color is black and yellow! Yuck, I hate black. I shouldn’t have chose this tribe! Now i’ll go to wildfire. At least it’s orange, my second favorite color.And the wildfire uniform is orange and has is red my third favorite color! Thanks Creators. For the Most ugly Yellow Jackets Uniform.

A Surprising Celebration!


We Congratulations myself. For making and finding this wonderful blog of mine. Now i want to celebrate with you guys this cake and a surprise i had in store for you in poptropica.


Of course it’s not a real cake! Well , i didn’t really do anything. So it’s just a animation picture. But just looking at it. It makes you hungry right? So then let’s move on to our surprise for you in poptropica.

Poptropolis Games is now available for everyone to play. Visit Poptropica now to play Poptropolis Games.

We’ll see you on the medals stand!

I hope the Video shows up. Well that depends. Were you Surprised? Happy? Excited or anything? Hope you were! And as this post is coming to an ending, it’s time to say goodbye. Well then, Goodbye!